Thomas Edison, an American inventor, and businessman, once said: “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.” The incandescent electric light bulb maker is actually referring to success. For Abraham Joffe, all that Edison says is true. He is also making name today because he is determined to work harder than others.

If Edison’s inventions truly changed the world for many reasons, Joffe also ties to do the same. Like the famous inventor, he has contributed his life and skills to the people.

If you are asking who might be Abraham Joffe, nailed this matter. It has interviewed the renowned videographer to give people a peek on his life and work.

Accordingly, Rangefinder noted that Joffe is so famous because of the “Kingdom of Bear.” He is an Australian director and filmmaker that is internationally acclaimed. His power to captivate everything in his lenses came from being a hard worker. For this, he continues to show people the other side of everything through masterful imagery and creative storytelling.

Joffe started young on cinematography, he simply knows what he wants since then. He didn’t question himself when he first began to dream of filming. From then, his life’s passion has been to work with film, camera, and crews.

Before Abraham Joffe’s stint with “Kingdom of Bear”, he had initiated the “Tales of Light.”He has been its producers and cinematographer when it aired on National Geographic for two seasons from May 24, 2016, to October 25, 2016. The show was about professional photographers traveling the world to photograph stunning things. The Australian documentary reality television series gave the world a new perspective on the seven continents. It showed the beauty and story of over 40 countries.

The “Tale of Light” continued to capture the interest of the crowd when it was awarded for multiple times. It was even more recognized when it received Netflix international distribution in October 2016. According to some sources, a third season is already at work because of this.

To note, Joffe started his own Sydney-based production company, Untitled Film Works, in 2000. He embraced 4k UHD for his films while being a “Canin Master.” He accordingly works well with Canon Australia when filming.

On the latest news about Abraham Joffe, he has won the prestigious Milli award from the Australian Cinematographer’s Society, earning him the title of ‘Australian Cinematographer of the Year.’ He also has a plan to film the Masai Mara’s Big Cats.

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