What we eat is what we are. When we over indulge in eating our favorite food, we tend to add weights and most often, this leads to certain diseases. However, we need not starve nor cut the portion unless we eat foods that in ways help in losing weight. Eating and consuming these foods brings out the bright sides of not counting the calories.


Gingerbread and foods with ginger


It’s something sweet that won’t ruin your calorie count and the ginger in the bread makes it a healthy snack. The ginger contains a compound called ginerrols, which acts as anti-inflammatory.  People with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis benefit more from consuming gingerbread for snacks or breakfast. Ginger also helps in inhibiting the formation of cytokines that causes inflammation. Next time you crave for chocolate cake, grab Chocó ginger bread instead, and enjoy it less the guilt.




Tuna is a healthy fish because of its protein content. Consuming canned tuna makes no difference in getting its health benefits however, it’s best to have tuna in its natural juice rather than in oil. It’s less fatty, and you’ll be getting Vitamins like A.B12, D and E plus amino acids, iodine, potassium, phosphorus and iron.


Fruit and herbs sorbets


Want to cool down on hot days? Grab sorbet instead of ice cream. Ice cream is loaded with fats while sorbets are not and have lesser calories. The taste may differ from the normal ice cream but you won’t feel guilty when you overindulged. A cup of sorbet has 137 calories compared to 227 of cup of ice cream.




Water replaces lost body fluids. It helps in flushing out toxins from body organs. However, most people don’t drink enough of water and replaces it with other fluids such as coffee and sweet sodas. Drinking a lot of water helps in loss weight program because one feels full specially when drinking before a meal. There is now flavored water that helps make you forget you’re drinking plain water so you get its full benefits.




Instead of cookies, why not grab a fruit like banana, an apple, or a citrus to satiate your sweet tooth? Fruits may contain sugar but not as harmful compared to cookies. Fruits have the fructose type of sugar that hits the liver slowly. Diabetics are advised to eat fruits that are low in sugar content like watermelon, apple and pears. Letting go of the extra sugar in take protects the body from dreaded diseases like diabetes and cancer as study shows that cancer cells feed on sugar. If you don’t want to put on extra weight but crave for sweets, eat fruits instead because fruits contain fiber that helps in preventing fats being stored in the body.


Eating is the pastime of many people because it lifts up mood and keeps the body fed with nutrients it needs. However, wrong choices of food leads to health problems and adding extra weight. When we choose our food, we don’t only pay attention to its taste but most importantly on its nutrition. Food nourishes the body and if we want to be nourished right, choose the right food.

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