On average, well pumps can last around 15 years. For you to maximize your pump and the other water features in your house, there are preventive measures and maintenance tips you must follow. This article discusses six tips on how to prolong the life of your pump.

  1. Know that quality matters. If you’re just installing your water pump, you should opt for a product that is of high quality. Water features from reputable suppliers and manufacturers tend to have fewer breakdowns because of their initially good working condition. When looking for a water pump, don’t forget to choose the right size and style that fit your water well system.
  1. Be diligent in doing routine maintenance. Day-to-day maintenance and inspection are one of the basic ways of keeping your water pump’s condition. Look for possible leakage and signs of wear and tear. Also, check if the pump’s speed is appropriate and corresponds with the output in horsepower. On a monthly basis, you should be more meticulous and examine the pump’s seal, oiling bearings, and other components and water features.
  1. Conduct visual inspection following weather disturbance. Was your area recently hit by a hurricane or a snowstorm? Strong winds along with other harsh weather elements can damage different parts of your home — including your whole well water system. Conduct visual inspections and check if there are dents and cracks. But even if your pump looks seemingly good, it’s still better to call a professional to examine your unit.
  1. Be proactive in calling professional services. Speaking of getting professional help, take note that water pumps are due for yearly servicing. This preventive maintenance will be helpful in detecting issues in their early stages and employing solutions accordingly. Certain tests will also be conducted to check if the pump is working in its peak condition.
  1. Do well water testing on a regular basis. The quality of your water also affects the functionality of your water pump. If it has excessive levels of bacteria and other contaminants, it can cause premature wear and tear — not to mention the dangers it poses on you and your loved ones’ health.
  1. Know the warning signs of a failing water pump. From strange sounds to fouls odors to consistently increasing utility bills, there are warning signs you have to be familiar with. Knowing the indications of failing household pumps can help you prevent issues from escalating.
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