When in Australia, one of the immediate things to do is to travel but that can get tiring at times. To get a little energy boost, a traveler can visit Australia’s diverse cuisine which includes the likes of an authentic Chinese restaurant. Australia can be a trip around the world of dining if visitors look hard enough.

Beyond the Scenes

Whenever I think of Australia, some of the things that come to my mind first are its warm weather, its beautiful beaches, its wildlife, not to mention the scenic spots that it has to offer, particularly the Sydney Opera House. But just recently, I discovered that there’s more to it than backpacking and scenic views because it’s also filled with a lot of best Asian restaurant.

In some countries, it can be quite hard to try out Asian cuisine as not all of them have authentic Asian restaurants. However, in the land down under, you can get a taste of almost all Asian countries. I learned this as I was looking for restaurants in CBD Sydney a few days ago and luckily, I didn’t have a hard time looking for a good Asian restaurant.

Apparently, Australia is a multi-cultural country. Thus, it’s easier to find restaurants that serve authentic Asian dishes here. From oriental restaurants like a Chinese restaurant to Middle Eastern ones, Australia probably has it. You’ll definitely never run out of options to choose from. Also, they serve a wide variety of dishes from different countries. Thus, you can get a taste of almost all of their traditional dishes, particularly China’s famous char siu or the Chinese BBQ, as what it’s called in English.


In spite of the fact that these restaurants are found in a Western country, don’t fret much about how their dishes taste. For some, they often skip Asian restaurants based in Western countries because they’re afraid that it won’t taste authentic. However, most of Australia’s Asian restos, particularly Barangaroo restaurants, make use of authentic cooking techniques to ensure that every dish served is authentic. After trying out several Asian restaurants in Australia, I even learned that some even go the extra mile and import herbs and spices from their original country for that guaranteed original taste.

That being said, whether you are craving for your home town’s dishes or even if you are just a big eater, know that there are good restaurants in Australia that serve the authentic mouth-watering dishes. A Chinese restaurant, Japanese, Lebanese, name it, they have it. You’ll also never have a hard time looking for such restaurants. They’re almost everywhere in Australia. Or, you can just search, “Chinese restaurant near me” or any type of Asian restaurant and you’ll surely find the best results.

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