Chefs, kitchen professionals, and experienced home cooks know that quality knives are precious investments. They need careful use and regular sharpening using a whetstone or instruments like wicked edge. Kitchen knives have actually existed millions of years ago albeit in a more primitive form. “Oldowan knives” which resembled sharp-edged stones have existed 2.5 million years ago. These evolved when the fire was discovered allowing humans to practice and master metallurgy allowing them to forge weapons and tools using bronze then iron and later on steel.

Modern knives are comprised of the blade and the tang to which the handle is attached. Kitchen knife blades, when often used, go dull after a while. Cheap knives, even if they are new, may also be dull upon purchase. In cases like these, it is important to have a knife sharpener in your kitchen drawer. These sharpening blocks are pretty much standard and available in many home improvement stores and kitchen tool aisles. More professional tools like the wicked edge in Australia are also available for more precise sharpening.

Usually, a whetstone is used to sharpen knives. Whetstones are sharpening blocks made of diamond and/or ceramic grits. One side is made of coarse stones while the flip side is made of fine stones. Coarse stones are usually used first to help sharpen dull and chipped blades. Fine stones or finishing stones are used to refine the edges. Some whetstones have medium stones which are usually used for regular maintenance and to regain blade edge. Whetstones however are not so easy to use and do not give you a good finish especially to those who are not used to it. An alternative is to use wicked edge.

A precise knife sharpener like wicked edge does a fantastic job in sharpening kitchen blades. The Precision sharpener WE100 for example is an entry-level tool with two adjustable arms for sharpening and a double wedge to keep your knife in place as you sharpen. Its adjustable arms allow you to sharpen your blade edge at a specific angle. The wicked edge knife sharpener also comes with grit stones (diamond or ceramic) that you can insert in each arm. The sliding motion from each arm makes it easier than using a whetstone.

The advantages of using wicked edge are its ease of use and precision control. Users would find it easier to sharpen knife edges using this tool than a whetstone that is lying flat on a table. When used properly, a wicked edge can help you achieve a mirrored edge on your blade, something that is not conveniently achievable using a whetstone.

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